THE KURYAKIN FILE is a "Man from U.N.C.L.E." fanzine.

Characters must be written true to form for the series, book, or movies. "True to form" means the characters may not be turned into elves or any other otherworldly creatures, and must act and speak much the same as they did on the show. They can be involved in action/adventure, hurt/comfort, love, revenge, what-if (speculation), or mystery type stories. Please, no cross universe (unless it is spy related, such as Equalizer, Get Smart, I Spy, etc. or you ask me first), alternate universe, slash ("/"), or story reprint (again, unless you ask me first). No graphic torture or sexual scenes. PG-13 rated sex is fine, since we are all adults now, writing for other adults, but please refrain from overindulging. There are other zines out there more suited for this type of writing.

Send your manuscript to me via email (link below), and verification that a submission has been accepted will be sent out within a week of receipt of the manuscript. I may take longer to get edits to you though.

Please send all manuscripts electronically via email in Word .docx format. I have Word 2019 on my system. I also have Open Office, which would be .odt format. Plain text and .rtf (rich text format) will also work. If all else fails, embed the story inside the text part of the email and send that way. Don't worry about formatting, other than italic and paragraph, as I will change the font and spacing to fit the zine. My email address is below.

After a story has been edited, it will be sent back to you electronically, for any rewrites. Please be sure to put your name on the story, and your address in the email! Stories will be edited for: spelling and punctuation errors (please indicate if what you say is deliberate), content, awkward phrases, redundancy, overall plot flow and time lining. Before all stories go into the zine, galleys will be sent to each author for approval (and proofing). Include your phone number when submitting in case I need to contact you in a hurry. These will not be given out. If you are writing under a pseudonym, that is fine, but please give me your legal name for mailing purposes. Again, these will not be given out.

Artists will be chosen by the editor (ME). If you want to recommend someone, have them send me samples of their work for approval.

Any questions? Contact me via email. Thanks for the interest in THE KURYAKIN FILE. We cannot BE without you!

Lisa Madden

Northcoast Press

5702 Woodland Drive

N. Ridgeville, OH 44039 (USA)

Write to me on line via my email address at:

Lisa Madden

Submissions are now being accepted for THE KURYAKIN FILE #40 There is NO deadline. Zine can be any size since it is PDF, so once I feel I have enough stories, the next issue will be published.

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