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NorthCoast Press is pleased to present, for your more imaginative reading pleasure, an adult romp into the sexploits of those boys from U.N.C.L.E.

Eyes Only is dedicated to showing us the more steamy side of what went on in the pseudo-espionage world of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.". Napoleon wasn't the only one who sometimes "got the woman" if you know what I mean! Eyes Only offers some tasty tidbits cooked up by such authors as Linda Cornett, C.W. Walker, F. Y. Driver, Angela Field, Lisa Madden, YumYumPM, and many many more! There is no inside art (except for issue #1), but we do want to acknowledge our bodacious cover artists, including: Ellen Druda, Ramón Bricio, Cat's Meow, Romanse, and Warren Oddsson.


Eyes Only #9

Eyes Only 9

The Riding the Camel Affair

by Linda Cornett
"The girl would like to help with the leg!"

The phrase echoed in his head, the tribal chief's oddly suggestive cadence supported by the drumming and shouts from the camprire outside.

Sophie, daughter of Suldar, wanted to trade Illya Kuryakin for a camel. However before that could happen, she needed to take care of his wounded leg.

Would that be all she took care of that night?

The Better Lover

by Yum Yum PM
Illya stepped through the door and heading toward the Grande Ballroom. Steps led down to the dance floor and Illya paused at the top, his eyes scanning and locating his partner without seeming to, before making his entrance. The room quieted as he started downward, his presence caused the crowd on the stairway to part in his wake. Handing over his invitation, he was aware of all eyes turned his way as he stopped at attention, bowed deeply to His Royal Highness, Prince Rainier, and his bride.

"Count Kuryakin."

Princess Grace smiled and led him from one group to another. Illya kept an eye on Napoleon, while seeming not to. It appeared that he had already made the acquaintance of their target, Nicole Jordan. Napoleon arrogantly thought he could do a better job of charming the information back &well it was time that Illya showed just what he was capable of accomplishing.

So who is the better lover?

6 stories in all. Stories range in nature from PG-13 to X. Order now and enjoy!

56 pages, cover by Romanse, comb bound. DUE TO THE ADULT NATURE OF THIS ZINE, AN AGE STATEMENT IS REQUIRED. All zines shipped the Saturday after order receipt. Please make all checks or money orders (US funds only) payable to Lisa Madden. Thank you and hope you enjoy.

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