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NorthCoast Press is pleased to present, for your more imaginative reading pleasure, an adult romp into the sexploits of those boys from U.N.C.L.E.

Eyes Only is dedicated to showing us the more steamy side of what went on in the pseudo-espionage world of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.". Napoleon wasn't the only one who sometimes "got the woman" if you know what I mean! Eyes Only offers some tasty tidbits cooked up by your favorite authors! There is no inside art (except for issue #1), but we will acknowledge our bodacious cover artists.


Eyes Only #10

Eyes Only 10

A Little Naughty

by Charlie Kirby

It all started just last week. I was at Bob Emmons’ retirement party.

I’m sitting, abandoned by my girlfriends, listening to the music and sipping some champagne.

“Why, Nurse Nellie, what are you doing sitting all alone?” I smile at the sound of My Brunet’s voice. Napoleon Solo.

We exchange a few more words and then he’s off.

That’s when I see him, My Pretty. Illya Nickovich Kuryakin, practically every girl’s walking version of a wet dream.

“Do you need a lift home?” My Pretty asks, still smiling.

Read on to find out how this one ends!!



by Avery

I stood before him in my best cotton sari, watching as he lit the oil lamp on the corner table, bringing the gift of light into my humble room on this, the fifth night of Diwali, our annual Festival of Lights. He was a beautiful man, my Illya, slender of build and rather pale, even for a westerner, and he radiated everything I have come to love in a sexual partner- - strength, virility, sensuality. As the lamp flickered and darkness retreated, he glanced up, and his eyes met mine. Such blue eyes! I have never seen a star sapphire, but when I try to imagine what one would look like, even now, I see his eyes.

Surely, I thought, this is Nirvana.


4 stories in all. Stories range in nature from PG-13 to X. Order now and enjoy!

31 pages, cover by Charlie Kirby. DUE TO THE ADULT NATURE OF THIS ZINE, AN AGE STATEMENT IS REQUIRED. All zines are in pdf format only and will be emailed out. PayPal is the preferred method of payment (send as a "friend"), but if you do not have a PayPal account, a check is fine. Please make all checks or money orders (US funds only) payable to Lisa Madden. Thank you and hope you enjoy.

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